The Go Overseas community has selected TESOL Coach Master as one of theĀ Top TEFL Course Providers of 2020 for Value and Academic Rigor!

Top TEFL/TESOL Course Providers: Value

A TEFL/TESOL course is an investment in one’s future: it requires committing both time and money to make yourself a better teacher. Go Overseas Community ask reviewers to rate the affordability and cost of the TEFL/TESOL course they took, compared to the value they received and TESOL Coach Master is one of the winners.

Top TEFL Course Providers: Academic Rigor

A good TEFL course both challenges the prospective teacher and enhances their confidence to manage and lead a classroom. Go Overseas community ask reviewers to rate how challenging they found the TEFL course they were enrolled in and TESOL Coach Master is one of the winners for this category.


The Go Overseas Community Choice Awards is created to recognize the best travel organizations and providers in the world. Go Abroad community hosted over 13,000 providers on Go Overseas, which means they had thousands of reviews to consider for the awards! Winners were chosen by their 1,000,000+ strong community, based solely on their program reviews.

How Go Overseas Community Scored Programs for the 2020 Go Overseas Community Choice Awards?

To find the best providers on Go Overseas, they looked at every review left on the site between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020. Any provider who received five or more reviews was considered.

To choose the Overall Best Providers, they looked at the average scores each provider received across all their programs and categories. First, they averaged each provider’s scores, then weighted the score based on the number of reviews they received.

Go Overseas Community then looked at each of the review categories and the average scores each provider received. The provider with the best score in each category won that award. Providers who won the Overall Best award were not eligible to win a category award.

“This is a great way to start 2021 with a BANG! From the 2020-2021 Philippine Top Choice Awards for Excellence and Outstanding Achiever – TOP CHOICE ONLINE TESOL CERTIFICATION PROVIDER to Go Overseas Community Choice Awards as Top TEFL Course Providers of 2020 for Value and Academic Rigor. This only proves that TESOL Coach Master Inc. quality service is already being acknowledged in the international arena” Mr. Nico James Alagasi-Bantayanon, President and Managing Director of TESOL Coach Master Inc.








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