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TESOL Coach Master Inc. (TCMI) Board of Incorporators during the ceremonial blowing of Anniversary cake.


The TESOL Coach Master Inc. (TCMI) recently celebrated its 1st Founding Anniversary and 2nd Completion Ceremony at D’Maris Premiere Buffet Restaurant – Mipec Tower, Tay Son, Hanoi, Vietnam last 11 July 2019. More than 100 students and guests attended the event including Prof. Anabel Alagasi Wellms – Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in Mindanao State University, Tawi-Tawi, Philippines and the President of  Bongao Discovery School, Mr. Soren R. Kirchner – Managing Director, American Global Management Association (AGMA) – Florida, USA, Mr. Kevin Patrick Mulvey, Ph.D. – Senior Lecturer in Liberal Arts at the Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Mr. Nguyen Van Thuong – Vice Chairman of Ocean Edu Vietnam, Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Loan – General Director of Ocean Edu Vietnam and some representatives from the Filipino Community – “Pinoy sa Hanoi”.

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Prof. Anabel Alagasi-Wellms, Ph.D. during her training and workshop

The celebration kicked-off with a training and workshop on Instructional Practices: Bringing CLT Approach into the classroom conducted by the invited keynote speaker, Prof. Anabel Alagasi-Wellms, Ph.D .   During her training and workshop, Prof. Wellms focused on helping the teacher-participants understand and use CLT as an approach to teaching the English Language inside the classroom. She also presented various strategies that are conceptualized with the idea that learning a foreign language is considered successful when the learners have adequate proficiency to communicate. She also explained what is Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach, and pointed out the principles behind the different communicative tasks. All teacher-participants were very satisfied with her session and expressed their gratitude to the organizers and speaker.Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and table 

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Teacher-participants during the Training and Workshop

The major highlight of this anniversary celebration was the 2nd Completion Ceremony and the1st Founding Anniversary Celebration of TESOL Coach Master Inc. The completion ceremony was participated by more than 80 students from different countries such as Cambodia, Nigeria, USA, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam who successfully completed all requirements needed for the TESOL Certification Course from August 2018 to July 2019.

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From Left to Right – Ms. Annelyn Lasdoce & Mr. Mark Lister Gomez (Master of Ceremonies) together with Ms. Nierru Cabilao during the Doxology


The 2nd Completion Ceremony set a new record for having the highest completers of TESOL Coach Master Inc. who participated in a single completion ceremony. The ceremony started with the academic processional of the completers, guests and TCMI’s Board of Incorporators  followed by the doxology from Ms. Nierru Cabilao. After the ceremonial doxology and singing of the national anthem, the crowd became emotional when Mr. Nico James Alagasi-Bantayanon, the founder and chairman of TESOL Coach Master Inc. delivered his welcome speech.

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Mr. Nico James Alagasi-Bantayanon during his welcome speech

In his welcome address, Mr. Nico congratulated the students and told them that the graduation was the culmination of a long and challenging but ultimately rewarding journey. “Some may find disappointments in not achieving what they desire —where others may find some situations as unfair or difficult,-be reminded that the main objective is to not give up on your dreams, and to not believe that failure is permanent, or that there is a finish line to success.”

Mr. Nico  then reminded the graduates that, “To the completers of our TESOL 150-HOUR Course, today is a day of celebration, a recognition of your achievements and of commemorating how you labored through and enjoyed while complying all of your MODULE TASKS. Congratulations!!! So in this moment of celebration, where achievements are recognized and honor is given to whom it is due, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you all AGAIN on this important milestone. God bless TESOL COACH MASTER INC.”

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Mr. Soren R. Kirchner during his inspirational message

After the welcome address from the founder and Managing Director of TESOL Coach Master Inc., Ms. Nierru Cabilao serenaded the crowd on her special song number. After that, Mr. Soren Kirchner – the Managing Director of the American Global Management Association (AGMA) delivered his inspirational message. He expressed his gratitude to the management of TESOL Coach Master Inc. for helping English Teachers and future English Teachers in realizing their dreams to be certified and to work abroad. He also congratulated the completers for the job well done.

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TCMI Board of Incorporators with the crowd during the ceremonial blowing of anniversary cake

After the inspirational message from Mr. Soren R. Kirchner was the 1st Founding Anniversary celebration of TESOL Coach Master Inc. During the celebration, the Board of Incorporators went on  stage and blew their anniversary cake while everyone sang  Happy Birthday. “I was so surprised and amazed!” shouted by one of the participants. “I can’t imagine that TCMI will grow as big as this.. we are looking forward for more years to come” expressed by Ms. Aires Alagasi-Bantayanon, member of the TCMI’s board of incorporators.

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Mr. Kevin Patrick Mulvey, Ph.D. during his inspirational message

The event was followed by the inspirational message from Mr. Kevin Patrick Mulvey, Ph.D. – Senior Lecturer in Liberal Arts at the Northeastern University. He thanked TESOL Coach Master Inc. for the invitation and for the experience and opportunities he’d been given, and congratulated all completers for another milestone in their careers. After his message, it was followed by the presentation of candidates of graduation and the acceptance and confirmation of candidates for graduation headed by Mr. Soren R. Kirchner and Mr. Nico James Alagasi – Bantayanon.

After the ceremonial presentation and confirmation of candidates for graduation, the event was followed by the highlight of the ceremony, the distribution of certificates. The masters of ceremony emphasized that Commencement is a special time for our graduates who completed the requirements of graduation and that day is always a day of rejoicing for it marks the conclusion
of educational journey and the commencement of another more uncertain and more difficult part of man’s quest for a better life and future. The distribution of certificates was assisted by the distinguished VIP guests.

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Some glimpse from the distribution of certificates

Right after the distribution of certificates, Mr. Mark Byncent Lynard Mejorada-Bayuga, member of TCMI’s Board of Incorporators introduced the Keynote Speaker – Prof. Anabel Alagasi-Wellms. During his speech, Dr. Wellms emphasized the importance of having a TESOL Certificate. The speaker lauded the TCMI’s in-house coach and Managing Director – Mr. Nico James Alagasi-Bantayanon for his endeavor in helping the completers in achieving their goals in life.

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Dr. Wellms during her graduation address

Adding more excitement to the ceremony, TESOL Coach Master Inc.  gave recognition to  students with  Academic Distinction and Best in Teaching Demonstration. TCMI also recognized the sincerity and dedication of its partners.  The ceremony was concluded with singing the graduation song “The Climb” and the graduation dance “Where all in this together”.

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Ms. Nierru and Ms. Jachelle singing the Graduation Song “The Climb”

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TESOL Coach Master’s completers during the graduation dance number

On its 1st year anniversary, TESOL Coach Master Inc. continues to provide advanced, quick, friendly and affordable TESOL Certification course and with  the overwhelming support of the community and positive feedback from the graduates, TESOL Coach Master Inc. in the future will be offering on-site TESOL Training course and other online courses related to English Language Teaching. Part also of our future plan is to expand our coverage for TCM Cares Program in order to share our blessings to the less fortunate.

Image may contain: 26 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor2nd Completion Ceremony participants during the photo op


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