I think I am one of those happy individuals who have discovered the passion—and find the way to turn this passion into a significant part of my life and a contribution to the society as well. I realized that at my age, I need to start sharing some of the effective teaching strategies and start helping people who are potentials to be ESL/EFL teachers. I am deeply overwhelmed and so much grateful to The WORLD CLASS PHILIPPINE COUNCIL for awarding TESOL COACH MASTER INC. as WORLD CLASS PHILIPPINE COMPANY for the success and achievements in the field of EDUCATION-ONLINE TESOL CERTIFICATION.

This award will obviously encourage and engage my TESOL COACH MASTER TEAM to work and strive better to attain WORLD CLASS QUALITY AND EXCELLENCE in the field of EDUCATION-ONLINE TESOL CERTIFICATION.

To Atty. Nelson Bandoles, our Chief Legal Officer, thank you for representing TESOL COACH MASTER INC. and thank you for all that you do for our company. We couldn’t have achieved our achievements without your immeasurable support along with the very hardworking TCM TEAM- Mr. Mark Byncent Lynard Mejorada, Ms. Aires Alagasi, Mr. Jerry Cris Buhisan, and to our AGMA Florida partner- Mr. Soren Kirchner.

Undoubtedly, the most rewarding aspect of being a teacher is getting to witness to the growth and development of the students who walk through our door each day, watching them grow from an innocent preschoolers into brave young adults. Let me emphasize that as the FOUNDER and the TESOL COACH of TESOL COACH MASTER INC. , we received this very significant award not because I possess some kind of special skill or magical talent, but because I trust my students/trainees enough to give them the space they need to become their best selves and to let TESOL COACH MASTER INC. their PORTAL TO THE FUTURE.
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