Step By Step Guide

Good day! E-Learners.

For you to access our CMS Website make sure to follow the steps below:

1. Access our CMS (Classroom Management System) through our separate link:

2. Login with the credentials given in your email address and change your password.


If you have problem logging in please email your concern to

3. Access your course by clicking “TESOLCOACHMASTER 150 hour Online Course” under Course Overview ( If you cannot see any course under “Course Overview”, please email See image below.

4. COURSE PAGE. Our course is divided into different modules (Modules 1 – 8) , at the end of each module is where you need to do your task / assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

A. Do I need to answer the Qualifying Essay ?  
 – Yes you need to answer. 

B. I cannot upload my video in CMS. What should I do? 
– We do not allow upload in the platform for security reasons, make sure to upload it in youtube then copy and paste the link or url and submit in our CMS.

C. I cannot upload  my pdf/word/ ppt file. What should I do? 
– Please upload these files in your google drive or dropbox then copy the link and paste it in our cms (that will serve as your submission). You can also do the tasks directly in the platform.

D. How can I see the feedbacks/grade of my output?
– Simple go to the grade section or click “GRADE BUTTON” then you can see your feedbacks/ grade, if you still did not receive any grades or feedback , please do wait.


– Items that are highlighted in BLUE or ROYALBLUE are the REVIEW MATERIALS that you can use to study to answer the required task/s.

– Items that are highlighted in RED are the tasks that YOU NEED or REQUIRED TO BE ANSWERED OR SUBMITTED.

5. GRADES – To view your grades and feedback, simply click the grade button.  (See Image below)

Any questions / problems please email directly to

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