PRE-REGISTRATION: 60-HOUR Online Certification Course in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL)

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We are about to launch our newest online certification course in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL)

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✅ Official launching of the course will be on AUGUST 15 , 2020
✅ We will be sending your access credentials to our platform on August 15, 2020

What you can get:
✅ LIVE WEBINAR SESSIONS from our E-Professors
✅ CMS Account to access our platform and modules
✅ Support from our Coach Master
✅ SoftCopy of your Certificate after completion of all module requirements
✅ Hardcopy of your Certificate after completion of all module requirements

The TESOL COACH MASTER 60-HOUR ONLINE CERTIFICATION COURSE IN TEACHING ENGLISH TO YOUNG LEARNERS will expose students with various theoretical foundations for teaching English to young learners. It focuses on enhancing students’ understanding of children’s cognitive development and how Piaget’s developmental theory and Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory can be applied to teaching English to children. It will also explore various practical methods for teaching macro-skills in English to children: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Based on the theoretical reinforcement, students will demonstrate lessons and analyze instructional practices to improve skills for teaching English to young learners. Moreover, it is an online, self-paced, and modular course.

Course Reminder

✅ Religiously do the assigned readings and submit all tasks as required in all modules. There will be no deadlines as it is a self-paced and modular program.
✅ Should there be concerns or problems that may affect with completion of the module tasks, please do not hesitate to let the coach know about it.

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