Nico James Alagasi Bantayanon was born in 1978, you can call him Nico. He is the training Director of Ocean Edu Vietnam and our in-house TESOL Coach Master.
Mr. Nico is very enthusiastic, passionate and dynamic when it comes to teaching the English language. He said that exploring English language in a fun and creative way will help students learn effectively. He finishes his TESOL Master Coach Course this 2018 and decided to help other teachers to become certified TESOL instructors.

Aside from his TESOL Coach Master Certificate, he also graduated in Silliman University with the degree Bachelor of Mass Communication, completed academic requirement leading to Master of Arts in English at Negros Oriental State University and a candidate for Master of Arts in teaching major in Language Teaching in Thailand. He has almost 20 years of experience in managing ESL Schools, building curriculum and shares his knowledge by providing different teachers’ training around South East Asia.