As educators, we should not forget that we are teaching individuals with their own needs and different modalities in learning. I agree that developing activities to offer authentic situations allows students to cultivate their own intrinsic motivation to learn. I also believe that students are able to make progress in learning through their own construction.

Through sharing students’ reigns to knowledge and guiding them towards the answers, teachers are offering the students a chance to make the learning meaningful. It is always in my mind to give the students the freedom to develop their own intuitions, even these differ from my own. This helps students formulate their own ideas as well as they can make and engage challenges that come out of their ideas.

Since nursery, English has been my favorite subject. My great English language teachers gave me the opportunities to realize my potential by diligently teaching with various methods to help me learn and appreciate the subject. I told myself to do the same for my students. Now, I should be proud that I offer unique perspectives and interesting opportunities for my students not only in the classroom but for my online trainees as I coach them to obtain teaching certificates under TESOL COACH MASTER INC.!

I will always set the goal to be an EFFECTIVE teacher, coach, and facilitator for my students.


Prof. Nico James Alagasi Bantayanon, PHD





After having gone through many different positions and working in many countries around the world, Mr. Nico James Alagasi Bantayanon takes the position of being our in-house TESOL Coach Master and Training Director for Ocean Edu- Vietnam. He considered it as the most fortunate thing in his teaching career. Being a coach and director is where he cultivates his own experiences. Recently he is honored as one of the top English teachers in the world.

Last January 2019, after the official announcement from the Organizing Committee of “2019 PEARSON GLOBAL TEACHERS AWARD” (Pearson 2019 Global Teacher), Mr. Nico James Alagasi Bantanyanon could not hide his joy even though the year-end was still busy when he received an e-mail saying that he is one of the Finalist in the competition. Mr. Nico expressed his pride when he witnessed the development of Ocean Edu where he is the Training Director. From 15 centers when new to work, Ocean Edu has more than 50 centers across the country and the number of teachers has also increased to over 200 people, the quality of training and services has been improved and improved.


“I accept the position in Ocean Edu and being a TESOL Coach Master to challenge myself..”



With more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in different countries and nationalities in the world, what make you stay in Vietnam until now?

I am a person who always likes to have challenges. Staying in Vietnam with different culture, different personalities from other countries that I have been to was the greatest challenge. Until the challenge is over, then I might take off “(laugh).


According to you, what is the role/meaning of the PEARSON ENGLISH TEACHER GLOBAL AWARD? What did you prepare for the 2019 competition?

Pearson Global Teachers Award plays a significant role in the world of English Language Teaching (ELT). It aims to search for the best in ELT and to find teachers who are constantly improving the lives of students and demonstrates passion for teaching.

The preparation was a bit tough and challenging since at that time I only had 2 days left to prepare when I knew about the competition. What I did was an overnight of intelligent planning and thinking of smart answers to the given MODEL QUESTIONS for a maximum of 3 minutes:

  • Tell us how you inspire your students to dare to learn.
  • Tell us your greatest achievements in transforming your students in their English language journey.

Immediately, we shoot our first and final video and submitted to Pearson in order to meet deadline on that day. It was too rushed and I actually did not expect I will be nominated since it is already in a Global scale.



You have surpassed lots of excellent teachers in the world to become one of the finalist, what is your feeling with this achievement so far?  

I felt being recognized and totally elated considering that the competition was joined by almost a thousand of English teachers all over the world.

Indeed, for me, after two decades of working as an English teacher—the VOICE OF THE “UNSUNG HERO” has been recognized not only in Asia but in the whole world as well. This also has a greater impact for Tesol Coach Master and Ocean Edu since one of the best English teachers in the world (not to boast) is its Coach and Training Director.


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