It’s that time of the year again!

Closing off the week-long celebrations with gifts and Christmas carols, New Year comes as the exclamation point. Unlike the previous holiday seasons, this year is just a little bit more special for one very special reason — It’s the time to celebrate our strength and fortify it with relentless faith in the Lord. After years of fear trying to steal away our hopes and optimism, now we are stepping out of the Pandemic with pride and gratitude.

Likewise, with the entire TCMI team behind me, I am PROUD and GRATEFUL.

I am proud!  I am proud that in the midst of many challenges, TCMI’s tenacity stays afloat.  With tenacity and persistence, we pledge to fight for our mission to empower educators all over the world and continue to open gates of possibilities in the field of language teaching. More so, I am proud of all of you, our students and completers, as you gracefully took on a journey towards a promising career path and professional growth. Together, we have become each other’s confidant as we face the demands of time. That said, I am proud of what TCMI has become… because of you.

I am grateful! I am grateful for the lessons of the past, the breakthroughs of the present and the bright future ahead. Hence, no matter what the future holds, TCMI will forever be grateful for your unwavering trust and support. For the past four years of service, your patronage enabled us to build a community of achievers and academic leaders. Little by little, we are able to build international linkages across cultures and values through language literacy. For this, the world as a whole, should be grateful for an educator like you!

Looking back, the year 2022 has been swift as all of us have been trying quite hard to reclaim the chances the pandemic has snatched out of our hands. Nevertheless, it is when we realized the value of time and that opportunities should not be taken for granted.

Serving the same purpose, TCMI proved its adaptability by launching its first ever Hybrid TESOL 150 Certification Course. This program aims to provide intensive virtual learning experience to aspiring language educators around the world who want to be certified urgently with suitable and effective techniques in teaching English. This program is just one of TCMI’s innovations in response to the expanding demand for English teachers worldwide. Along with its six main certification courses, TCMI has reinforced its humanitarian causes of supporting schools, building communities and promoting cultural awareness in various local areas.

Clear enough, for TCMI, the year 2022 has been a period of reassurance and commitment. As the year ends, we continue to reassure you that your goals will always be part of our vision as we work together in synergy to achieve our ultimate goals.

Today, we usher in a new beginning, a time to start with new hopes and desires. And as we move forward, your trust and support will serve as TCMI’s backbone to withstand against the test of more years to come.

Happy new year!

Yours truly,

Nico James Alagasi-Bantayanon

President, Tesol Coach Master Inc.

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