“Everyone has had a job experience, and the first is always the most memorable.” I am not talking here about my first job in general, but I am referring to the first job I had here in Thailand. That month (August, 2009) when I arrived here was challenging. We didn’t go out from the house where we stayed but instead we sent our resumes through ajarn.com. I was so lucky at that time because in a week I was hired as ENGLISH TRAINER even without interview and teaching demonstration. The agency asked me to travel to Phangga Province which is approximately 10 hours away from Bangkok. Although it was hard for me but I accepted the offer. I traveled with only hope that I’ll arrive safe. ‘Twas 4a.m. when the bus dropped me in a very quite place. It rained and got no battery for my mobile phone. I cried and prayed. Someone picked me up and brought me in a place which I later called PARADISE- THE BOSAEN VILLA RESORT AND SPA. Early in the morning, the good looking company driver brought me in a very good restaurant. The manager welcomed me well and offered a meal for free. All of the staff were friendly and accommodating. They were my students. I had the best experience here for 1 month considering that everything was for FREE.

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After a month, the agency called me to go straight to KOH CHANG ISLAND where KOH CHANG TROPICANA RESORT AND SPA is located. Again, the place is unfamiliar. I arrived in Trad Province late so I checked-in a hotel. Early in the morning I went straight to the port and waited for the first trip. I was fortunate then because the company driver can speak English so well. When I arrived, all of the staff welcomed me with flowers and a short program. It was overwhelming. Again, everything was for FREE. I stayed here for 15 days. My last day here was very dramatic…some did even cry…

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I learned values about sacrifices, responsibilities, and life lessons through my first experience away from home, family, and friends.

For these experiences, I would like to give credit to TLS Agency.


-Mr. Nico James Alagasi-Bantayanon

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