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The accreditation will assure students and employers that the institution is a good choice, and that it will provide you with professional training, valuable qualifications and a positive learning experience.

According to – Accreditation can offer several important benefits:

It puts a stamp of approval on graduates: graduating from an accredited institution indicates that graduates are expected to be ready to practice at a certain level.
It provides educational programs with opportunities for self-definition and self-reflection, and with feedback on program content and direction.
It affords the opportunity for continuous improvement of institutions and educational programs.

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Accrediting agencies are third-­­party entities whose purpose is to insure that institutions and programs meet standards for program quality and that they are committed to continuous improvement. To obtain accreditation, the program or institution must demonstrate that it meets the requirements of the accrediting body related to curriculum, program admission and exit requirements, course offerings, program faculty, and facilities and financial resources, among other areas. (Source:

Accreditation protects the interests of students, their parents, the academic institutions themselves, and potential employers, by ensuring that the educational programs offered have attained a level that meets or exceeds standards that were developed by experts in the field. While accreditation does not ensure that every graduating student will become a successful professional, it does guarantee that the student has demonstrated a certain set of skills and abilities that are reflected in the accreditation criteria. It is not a sufficient condition for professional success, but in some disciplines it serves as a necessary condition.

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TESOL Coach Master by the American Global Management Association, LLC (AGMA) 150-hour online certification course is fully accredited by the Online TEFL and TESOL Standards Agency (OTTSA) . The Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency is a professional educational organisation dedicated to raising teacher-training industry standards, specifically online courses in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language. OTTSA is a professional educational organisation committed to monitoring and improving standards of online training courses, providing both potential customers and course providers with information regarding all aspects of teaching, training and development. OTTSA’s accreditation is not simply a one-time process and they are not only about policing education institutions. They are dedicated to developing productive, long lasting working relationships with institutions and working with them continuously to ensure ongoing, consistent quality over the long term.

This ongoing work will involve training programs in subjects such as ethical student recruitment, recruiting and monitoring agents, developing suitable admissions systems and improving and updating ethics policies and codes of practice.

TESOL Coach Master courses will include all the basic elements of highly effective teaching and learning methods, which consists of 150 total hours (consisting of lectures, workshops, and practical hands-on teaching).

The course’s topics include: second language acquisition, an introduction to linguistics, basic principles of language learning and teaching, learning techniques, assessment and evaluation, planning and conducting English language programs, teaching grammar in an effective manner, developing effective and up-to-date teaching paraphernalia with minimal resources, class management, designing a curriculum and syllabus, multi-cultural and cross-cultural aspects of the ESL classroom.

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