Many countries have considered a TESOL certification a pre-requisite to successfully securing a job as an instructor in the English language. The TESOL Coach Master training program will familiarize students with systematic lesson plans, effective classroom management, and efficient teaching techniques. In addition, the learner’s fundamental knowledge of the English language and grammar skills is further strengthened prior to the actual teaching.


TESOLCoachMaster.INC founded 2018 is partnered with The American Global Management Association (AGMA) – a Florida Limited Liability Corporation established in 2009. The company is in the Vocational Adult Education space and it is mission is to create and deliver practical vocational Business and TESOL programs. AGMA differentiates itself by creating and/or Syndication Education Programs with a goal of VOCATIONAL practicality.


TESOLCoachMaster.INC aim is to empower the future English teachers by providing them a practical, quick, friendly and affordable TESOL course program to find their ESL or other English Teaching Job anywhere in the world.

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